13 Best Bean to Bar chocolate makers

Bean to bar chocolate is for sure the 'it' chocolate of the moment. There are some amazing new companies that have been creative creating unique flavours, that you've probably never heard of before. Here are some of our favourite flavours:

  • Spiced white chocolate with orange peel, cinnamon and malt
  • Almond cookie chocolate spiced with cloves, oranges, anis seeds + cayenne pepper
  • Rose Maca chocolate combined with rose oil 
  • Lavender sea salt
  • Dark milk chocolate of Tanzania
  • Milk chocolate of Madagascar
  • Spicy horopito leaf & kawakawa
  • Crisp maca chocolate
  • Goji berry chocolate
  • Toasted dark sesame chocolate
  • Rose maca chocolate
  • Lemon milk chocolate
  • Salted dark chocolate pretzel chocolate
  • Avocado chocolate
  • Vegan kale dark chocolate
  • Birthday cake white chocolate
  • Dark chocolate smoked sea salt
  • Cayenne cinnamon chocolate 
  • White chocolate, marshmallows, cornflakes and cereal chocolate

Here is a list of our favourite vendors making amazing chocolate:

1) Zenbunni

2) Raka Chocolate

Raka hibiscus chocolate vegan chocolate

3) Not Your Sugar Mamas

not your sugar mamas rose macha chocolate

4) Blue Bottle's TCHO 

Blue Bottle TCHO chocolate bar

5) The Sweetness of Being  

the sweetness of being maca crisp chocolate bar vegan chocolate

6) Omnom Chocolate

omnom organic vegan chocolate iceland

7) Parliament Chocolate

Parliament small batch vegan chocolate

8) Dick Taylor Chocolate

Dick Taylor Eagle House Northerner Blend Chocolate

9) Map Chocolate Co

Map chocolate co i dream of Fiji bean to bar chocolate maker

10) Ritual Chocolate Co.

ritual chocolate mid mountain blend chocolate maker bean to bar

11) Marou Chocolate

marou chocolate makers bean to bar

12) Theo Chocolate

Theo chocolate bean to bar chocolate maker

13) Compartes - LA

compartes chocolate bar la