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Cronut Dry Baking Mix

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It’s Like Dry Cake Mix, But Really Really Gourmet

Our gourmet Croissant-Donut mix allows anyone to make a Kronut from home by simply adding milk and butter to our dry mix and following our directions! Think of it as your typical cake mix – with a naughty streak.

How To Make Our Croissant Donuts:
Step 1 Add 2/3 milk to the bottled ingredients
Step 2 Add 1 stick butter
Step 3 Follow our beginner, intermediate or expert recipes to create a little bit of heavenly deliciousness.

WARNING: You may need to schedule extra gym time, because these are extremely addictive ;-)

We're a husband and wife duo who love to bake. We started off experimenting in our teeny tiny New York Kitchen baking for friends and family, and decided to share our love of baking with fellow bakers wanting to bake for their friends and family too!